Blazing the Trail

  • Documentary film in development

Written by Senay Ozdemir and Ruth Fertig

Directed by Ariadna Relea

Co-produced with : House of Red & White (Países Bajos)

Lauren (USA) a former lawyer and a recognized wine journalist is preparing her next article for Wine Enthusiast. This time, she will tell the story about four pioneering women that are breaking down barriers and introducing new flavor to the world of wine.

Through her words we will travel to meet Emma (China) who is fighting against the freezing temperatures in northern China, as well as against the stereotypes about Chinese ‘cheap’ and ‘undrinkable’ wine; Maria (Spain) who will take us back to the origins of viticulture by showing us how she produces her natural and healthy wine; Megan (USA) a part-time teacher who launched a Kickstarter with limited resources to help fund her effort to find grapes from forgotten corners of California -from the "margins”- and show their beauty there; and Ntsiki (South Africa) the first black woman winemaker who is determined to help the next generation from her community reach similar heights.

Blazing the Trail gives an intimate look at the hopes, dreams, fears, and struggles of four women over the course of a crucial year for each of them.