Andromeda Galaxy

  • Fiction Feature Film in Production

Written & Directed By: More Raça

Year: 2020

Cast & Crew: Sunaj Raça, Elda Jashari, Julinda Emiri, Avni Dalipi, Mirsad Ferati, Shpëtim Kastrati, Nëntor Fetiu, Don Raça

Produced by: Arena, United Postproduction, Mind Productions, 39 Films in co-production with con Nephilim producciones

Kosovo 2019, corruption and lack of employment make it impossible for Shpëtim to find a job. There isn't any job available and the few open positions that he finds, he is considered too old for, because he is 52. Things get more complicated when the orphanage sends his daughter back to live with him and he doesn't have a proper place to stay. After the many attempts and frauds he experiences, Shpëtim decides to sell his kidney for a transplant and escape to Europe in search of a better life.